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Post  Uta on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:44 am

Welcome to Miku ☆ Miku Chorus Forum ~

This is Uta from Miku ☆ Miku Chorus.
And here's some rules that we would like you to follow on this forum.

1. Please watch your language on the MMC forum, we want everyone to feel comfortable while reading posts.

2. No discriminating of other members.

3. No stealing of other people's auditions. That wouldn't be fair towards other members.

4. Please do not spam the threads, please spam in the Spam section only.

5. No inappropriate materials.

6. No posting in all CAPS.

7. No impersonating other members.

8. Please do not post other member's personal information here without their permission.

9. Please DO NOT make any references to anything that has to do with file-sharing, bootlegging, emulators, roms, modifying console systems, etc. or anything else that could get this site closed down!

10. Please do not post things that you've already posted or other people have already posted.

11. If the thread contains spoilers for shows or a book , please indicate that the post is a spoiler.

12. No multiple accounts!

13. I will not be held responsible for any third party links posted by anyone on these forums.

14. Please do not post or create topics about how to become a moderator.

15. No complaining about other members.

16. Please do not put huge pictures in your sig or avatar. Avatar sizes are limited to 150x200 pixels.

17. Please do not post any comments complaining about other forums.

18. Do not post flashy animated pictures that can cause seizures.

19. Do not advertise to other members through PMs.

20. Please do not embed flash or videos in your sig that does anything without the user's consent
(e.g plays music , open new windows)

21. Please respect the Moderators and if you're being asked to stop, it's of course because you're doing something that's against our rules.

22. Please ask a Mod to move your post if you've posted something in the wrong section/thread.

23. Do not post one liners. (e.g Hahaha, OMG , etc)

24. We only allow English to be used here.
Strictly no other languages! But make sure other people can understand you .
Grammar errors are fine as long as it's understandable.

*Please follow all the rules stated here and have fun in the Miku ☆ Miku Chorus Forum.


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